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We have move to 1 Jalan Remaja #05-04A
Hillview House S668662
Latest Update: 20 October 2011

Welcome To THOTS

We believe that children are gifts from heaven who inherit wisdom, curiosity, creativity and imagination. They are natural learner and with all these precious qualities they should be nurtured and stimulated throughout their lives with good teaching aids to build confidence and knowledge through play.

We select the best toys through very strict criteria. All wooden toys qualities are manufactured from selected Rubberwood with non-toxic coating. Tested to comply with European standard EN71 and America standard ASTM. Different swimming pool for you.

The House Of Thoughts was established in 2001. Our Objective is to continue to provide fun learning experience through our toys. Our products are updated annually to ensure that children receive the most advance aids to enhance their learning ability.

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We have move to 1, Jalan Remaja #05-04A Hillview House S'668662
Build A Block set of 26 yellow & blue [$95.00]
Build A Block set of 26 yellow & blue --- Large block size that can build structure set of 26 product size 16x16x16cm

Baby Pin Ball [$54.90]
Baby Pin Ball  --- Funny pinball machine with noise function. it is ideal to continuously press the buttons. When you press the central button the ball comes out to the end and open the coloured doors of 3 funny animals. volume control is included

Mini Camera [$26.90]
Mini Camera  --- FUnny Camera with a midern design and great colours. It has different activities with sound, light and music and a window which simulates a photo.

Roller spin [$59.90]
Roller spin --- A roller that encourage mobility in general.

Tam Tam Drum [$59.00]
Tam Tam Drum  --- rotating drum with light and colours. the wide base made for easy playing sitting on the floor with the base between the child's leg.

Sunny flower [$39.90]
Sunny flower  --- 24cm height 
Each petal with different activity has been designed with contrasting colours and alternating rigid material with flexible ones. Safety mirro included. There is a revolving ball in the middle. The suction pad on the base adhere to flat surface.

Elefantino [$49.90]
Elefantino  --- 23cm in length

Dragy Fastener [$46.90]
Dragy Fastener --- 47 cm height

Large Abacus [$77.90]
Large Abacus  --- 150 x 420 x 460mm

Counting Farmer [$28.90]
Counting Farmer  --- 70x100x325mm

Pan and spatula [$18.90]
Pan and spatula  --- -

Microwave [$49.90]
Microwave  --- 200 x 290 x 165mm

Doll Buggy [$55.00]
Doll Buggy  --- -

Doll Rocking cradle [$99.00]
Doll Rocking cradle  --- 450x645x790mm

Interstar Blocks [$99.00]
Interstar Blocks  --- -

Multi cube 3D [$45.90]
Multi cube 3D --- They are new concepts of inventive play based on connectable cubs with cards to identify the shapes to be constructed.

Archicubes 3D [$45.90]
Archicubes 3D  --- They are new concepts of inventive play based on connectable cubs with cards to identify the shapes to be constructed.

Nuts and Bolts [$69.90]
Nuts and Bolts --- -

Solar Dynamic 160 pcs [$69.90]
Solar Dynamic 160 pcs  --- It allows to build 10 different models with movement. It does not need batteries because it works with the energy accumulated in the solar panel.

Solar Helicopter [$49.00]
Solar Helicopter  --- Easy assembly to be able to check quickly to see if it works and to understand solar energy. The panel recharges with sunlight or with lamp.

Solar Energy kit [$64.90]
Solar Energy kit   --- The solar cell module generates a similar kind of energy to batteries when placed under direct solar light or close to incandescen bulb. (bulbis made from plastic)

Mini Vehicles 27 pcs set [$129.00]
Mini Vehicles 27 pcs set  --- 4-4.5cm height

Contains all different types of vehicles found on road

Bath with accessoires [$23.90]
Bath with accessoires  --- comes with doll's bath accessories

Doll Boy set [$79.90]
Doll Boy set  --- Includes Doll boy (40cm), a set of pyjamas, a set of outing clothes and a pair of shoes.-

Doll Girl set [$79.90]
Doll Girl set  --- Includes Doll girl (40cm), a set of pyjamas, a set of outing clothes and a pair of shoes.-

Bug House [$179.00]
Bug House  --- 500 x 600 x 350mm

Eskimo House [$179.00]
Eskimo House  --- 580 x 600 x 280mm

Carry House Complete set [$179.00]
Carry House Complete set  --- 330 x 410 x 355 mm

Modern Refridgerator [$249.00]
Modern Refridgerator --- 1200mm height Wooden cabinet

Sandwich Maker [$39.00]
Sandwich Maker  --- 145 x 140 x 30mm

Cup Cake Set [$41.90]
Cup Cake Set  --- 210 x 250 x 60mm

Pizza [$44.90]
Pizza  --- 150 x 150 x 60 mm

Front Loader A [$26.90]
Front Loader A --- 85x130x85

Design a tile [$29.90]
Design a tile --- 270x270x25

Sushi Set [$49.90]
Sushi Set  --- 182 x 217 x 42 mm

Tea Bag [$14.90]
Tea Bag --- 60 x 70 x 60mm

Basket [$14.90]
Basket  --- foldable fabric Basket
105 x 160 x 150mm

Stand Mixer with Bowl [$59.90]
Stand Mixer with Bowl  --- 130 X 190 X 250MM

Birthday Cake (Big) [$49.90]
Birthday Cake (Big) --- 250 x 250 x 65 mm

All in One Kitchen Set [$299.00]
All in One Kitchen Set  --- 450x900x850

Assorted Milk Set [$22.90]
Assorted Milk Set  --- 90 x 90 x 170mm

BBQ grill [$49.90]
BBQ grill --- 240 x 300 x 100 mm

Strawberry Cutting Cake [$21.90]
Strawberry Cutting Cake  --- 135 x 135 x 40mm

Chocolate Cutting Cake [$21.90]
Chocolate Cutting Cake  --- 135 x 135 x 40mm

Cherry Cutting Cake [$21.90]
Cherry Cutting Cake  --- 135 x 135 x 40mm

Cosmetic Playset [$79.90]
Cosmetic Playset --- 250 x 300 x 80mm

Modern Sink [$189.00]
Modern Sink --- 350 x 400 x 650mm

Modern Waching Machine [$189.00]
Modern Waching Machine  --- 350 x 400 x 650mm

Modern Stove [$189.00]
Modern Stove --- 350 x 400 x 650 mm

Babyrelax [$69.90]
Babyrelax --- The sounds and picture projected in colour calm the baby and keep her company, there are variety of relaxing sounds of nature or classical tunes.

Picnic Set [$69.90]
Picnic Set  --- 275 x 185 x 130mm

Funny Face [$25.90]
Funny Face --- 230 x 275 x 28mm

Geo Book [$29.90]
Geo Book  --- 140 x 140 x 60 mm3 basic shape for the beginners 3-5 layers for the child to sort in size and also in different colors. 24-32 months

Chicky Family [$64.90]
Chicky Family --- 250 x 275 x 275 mm

Mixer Truck G [$26.90]
Mixer Truck G --- Engineering vehicle for construction role play.

Crane Truck F [$26.90]
Crane Truck F --- Engineering vehicle for construction role play.

Excavator E [$26.90]
Excavator E --- Engineering vehicle for construction role play.

Dump truck D [$26.90]
Dump truck D --- Engineering vehicle for construction role play.

Junior Engineer set [$119.00]
Junior Engineer set --- Characterised by its quality and resistant materials and infinity of assembly possibilities.

Stainless Steel Cymbals 5" [$25.90]
Stainless Steel Cymbals 5

Vibra Slap [$16.90]
Vibra Slap --- Great percussion instrument, colourful design.

Maracas [$8.90]
Maracas --- New easy grip design, durable with gentle sounds.

Rattle Roller [$6.90]
Rattle Roller --- Rhythmic ratchet effect with every movement.

Darbuka [$17.90]
Darbuka --- Traditional ethnic instrument with durable pre-tuned head.

Hand Drum & Mallet [$14.90]
Hand Drum & Mallet --- Top quality drum, innovated design for hours of playing. Pre-tuned head with professional sound mallet included.

Tambourine 8" [$14.90]
Tambourine 8

Tom Tom Drum [$16.90]
Tom Tom Drum --- Two-tone drum & mallet with comfortable rubber hand grip & excellent tones.

Mini Wave Drum [$13.90]
Mini Wave Drum --- Young children will be enchanted by the soft sea sounds created by the Mini Wave Drum. Each gentle movement produces a delightful mixture of sights & sounds to captivate & entertain. Dia 18cm)

Animal Castanet [$2.90]
Animal Castanet --- Round castanet with textured animal face. Easy-play design.

Animal Shaped Bells [$6.90]
Animal Shaped Bells --- Fun, animal shapes with great sound.

Bendy Bells [$6.90]
Bendy Bells --- These beautiful bells are colourful, safe & easy to wear, both on wrists and ankles. The high quality bells ensure a clear, bright & resonant tone.

test [$99.00]
test --- test test

Graduational Stair [$50.00]
Graduational Stair --- -

Tractor & Tailer [$14.00]
Tractor & Tailer --- -

Farm Animal 8 pcs set [$12.00]
Farm Animal 8 pcs set --- -

Wagon for Hay [$12.00]
Wagon for Hay --- 95x210x120mm

Tailer [$7.00]
Tailer --- 90x180x80mm

Tractor [$10.00]
Tractor --- 85x155x75mm

Compact Games per piece [$14.60]
Compact Games per piece --- From the age of 5 
Traveler's pack 
Ludo, Chinese Checker, Nine Men Morris(out of stock) & Solitaire(out of stock)


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